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Lights.  Camera.  Action?

Live video is one of the most engaging kinds of content you can put online.  Yet, how do you create that overview video or whiteboard animation in a way that doesn’t turn the project into a Hollywood nightmare?

You want a video for your website, Facebook or LinkedIn page or YouTube Channel, but don’t know where to start.

For most companies, an overview video is a compelling and effective way to communicate with potential clients about your business, the services you offer and how you offer them.  It gives them a sense of your personality.  Typically between one and two minutes long, an overview video doesn’t need to explain in depth all the aspects of your business but give enough information to encourage someone to spend more time on your website, fill out a form or pick up the phone.

Since most of us aren’t professional actors, being filmed can be unnerving.  To make things easier, we focus on a more casual interview-style format that doesn’t rely on you to memorize a script or “act” in any way other than natural and converse with someone off-camera.  Does that mean you will love how you look on video?  Possibly not, but we will have several passes to find a clip that works.  Audio from these discussions will be combined with other footage that highlights your business to create a spot that puts your business in a positive light.

There are two more options when you want to discuss something more specific.  First is to create a video that discusses one particular aspect of your business (e.g. estate planning, preparing for a procedure, tax preparation, etc.).  Hearing this topic discussed can help a potential client get a feel for your depth of knowledge, approach, and personality.  The second option is to create a whiteboard or explainer video.

Whiteboard videos – similar to the one shown below – are simple animated videos either in black and white or color, that focus on a specific topic for approximately 60-90 seconds and can involve scripts (and sometimes narration) of 100-200 words depending on the length of the video.  They are a cost-effective and impactful tool, especially when dealing with a complicated topic. These animated illustrations help convey a concept that might not be as easy to grasp if consumed in writing.

Both of these options are excellent choices and make for useful content to be added anywhere on a website, distributed on social media, via an email newsletter or shown during a presentation. curious are curiuos how a video of any sort might help your business and what is involved from a time and cost standpoint, please contact us to discuss your project.

For some examples of our work, click on one of the videos below.

NetSource Inc. Overview Video

A Connecticut-based cable assembly house based in Bolton, CT, Netsource wanted an overview video that could highlight the services and products they offered while focusing on several very specific certifications they carried.  They wanted this video as a way to educate the national distributors they supply (or didn’t yet supply) and to put a face and personality to their business.  This was a half-day shoot on location.

Enfield Auto Restoration Overview Video

The owner of Enfield Auto Restoration had seen a video that chronicled the discovery of a classic, but decrepit, car in a barn and the step-by-step restoration process.  It was a beautifully shot piece and he wanted a similarly elegant look and feel for his overview video.  As part of a full-day shoot, we interviewed the owner and used the audio from that footage to serve as the voice-over for the finished video.

Diminished Value Whiteboard Video

A Connecticut-based law firm, Forrest Law helps people with diminished value, an application of property law, specifically in regards to damage people’s cars suffer when they are the victims of a car crash.  This minute-long whiteboard “explainer” video is designed to quickly and simply explain the concept of Diminished Value.  The video is featured on the client’s website and social media outlets.

Law Firm Business Video

Disability Planning Partners, a Connecticut-based estate planning law firm, wanted a video that highlighted their specific areas of practice as well as conveying the lead attorney’s personality and approach to estate law.  We interviewed them documentary-style to create a more conversation set of clips that cold be edited into the finished spot along with footage of the office environment.

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