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Leland Brandt brings a unique balance of technical expertise and creativity to each marketing project.  Leland is always searching for ways to make a project or event run more efficiently at the best cost without sacrificing imagination and creativity.  Since 1994, he has worked in both the non-profit and for-profit fields.

Leland has extensive marketing experience working with companies such as ESPN and The New York Times.  He has worked as a consultant with companies in new media, financial services, education, publishing and fitness & health fields since 1999.  He is the founding member of The Research Department.

Copywriting and copyediting are both a passion for Leland.  He has a flexible writing style that is concise and doesn’t disgrace the English language. His copywriting skills have come in handy with a variety of clients and projects such as brochures, trade show materials, blog articles, and press releases.

Leland’s marketing background, technical savvy, and creativity lends a uniquely useful perspective and set of skills to The Research Department’s ability to serve its client base.

One notable professional highlight is baby daze®, an organizational log book for new parents that Leland co-authored and published with his wife Lynne Tapper in 2002.  A critically acclaimed, award-winning journal for first-time parents.  It was selected to be part of Target’s “Parent Inventor” program in 2009 and is also available on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com.

A graduate of Oberlin College in Oberlin, OH, he has an honors degree in History and was awarded the Thomas Boardman prize in Journalism for his work on the college newspaper.

Leland Brandt

Leland Brandt


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