Mystery Box

Did you click on this link thinking “What’s a mystery box?” I get that a lot. Maybe I should name it something else.

All Good Questions

This service area really covers projects that don’t fit neatly into the other areas on this site.  For example, here are a few “mystery box” projects we’ve done over the years.

  • A client wanted to get 3-dimensional renderings of what their law offices could look like if they were designed to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • A legal client hired us to help determine the feasibility of having online reviews their client had posted removed. For the ones that could be removed, we took the necessary steps to do so.
  • An insurance firm hired us to design a custom database that allowed them to track all the policies they sold, the commissions earned and generate monthly reports to confirm that the insurance carriers had paid the proper commission and that those commissions had been credited to the correct agent.
  • A financial services company hired us to write the essay section for an award application for their COO after interviewing them.

These one-of-a-kind projects don’t easily fit into one job description – graphic design, video production, or copywriting – and require a problem-solving mentality combined with an understanding of your business and the ability to find the appropriate resources to find a solution.