May 6, 2020
Videos For Your Connecticut Business Website: What To Think About
video shoot for a small business in Connecticut

There is the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  So, how many words are videos worth?  Are you familiar with the term TLDR?  It stands for “Too long.  Didn’t read.”  Sometimes, it’s just the case that people don’t want to read the text on your website or blog entry.   Or maybe the point you are trying to make or process you want to illustrate just isn’t that easy to understand when written down.  This is where business website videos play an essential role in enabling you to expand your reach and enhance product or service promotion.

Filmed or animated content on your site can effectively convey both information and emotion to give your business an advantage over competitors who depend solely on the written word to get their message across.

Some small businesses may mistakenly see video marketing as a costly luxury accessible only to big companies with big budgets. The reality is that most businesses that use videos report an excellent return on investment and there are ways to make videos economically and effectively.

However, there is a lot to think about when creating video content – should you bring in a professional or go it alone, for example. And which types of videos would be most effective for your website – and your business.  In the end, videos are content just like a 1000-word blog entry or an infographic.  Knowing what the goal is for the video – introducing your company to new visitors, explaining a specific service, or providing a walk-through of a specific process – and who the audience is are all 

DIY Business Website Video Content

You don’t have to be a Scorsese or Tarantino to shoot your own website video, and you probably already have the main thing you need – your phone. 

Many cellphones these days can film in at least HD (high definition), and plenty of free or low-cost video editing apps are available.

Following a few basic measures will help you get it right when making your own business website video. While the quality of your video is important, so is the content. Three steps can help you ensure good content:

  • Outlining your goal. Be sure about what you’re looking to achieve with your video, and clearly define your objective before you start.
  • Identifying your target audience. Having a clear vision of your target audience will produce a stronger message.
  • Harnessing the power of emotions. Emotions drive viewers to respond to a call to action – typically, to buy your product or services.

Don’t Forget About the Background

It’s also important to choose the right background for your video, which will help to tell your story, enhance brand awareness, and get your message across. 

A real background, such as an office or an outdoor location, is probably the most straightforward option because you can work with what you’ve got.

Fake backgrounds, such as drapes, provide a high level of consistency. Green screens can be particularly useful because they allow you to replace your actual background with anything you want. However, green screens can be difficult to set up and work with for beginners.

Choosing a Microphone for Your Website Video

Poor audio quality can ruin even the best visually appealing video, with background noise and fuzzy voices distracting from your message.

Smartphones are typically not that smart when it comes to audio, so you’ll need an external microphone to connect to your phone. We recommend this lapel clip-on omnidirectional mic. If you’re using an iPhone, you’ll need a headphone jack adapter.  Personally, I find poor audio is a bigger distraction compared to poor video.  That’s just one person’s opinion, but a decent microphone runs about $30 or so and is a great investment.  It won’t be wireless, but that’s ok.  It’s pretty easy to run the wire inside your shirt or jacket to make sure people don’t notice it.  

Professional Website Video Production

Hiring a professional video maker takes the uncertainty out of the process because they will use quality equipment and are experienced in:

  • Production and script development.
  • How to get the best lighting.
  • Framing shots.
  • Audio considerations.
  • Editing and postproduction effects.
  • Uploading and publishing videos.
  • Optimizing videos for search engines.

Video production experts can create a polished presentation that showcases your business and reflects its brand and professionalism.

They can also advise you on current video trends and techniques and help you see the bigger picture with a fresh perspective, which can be difficult for a busy business owner engrossed in the the-day-to-day running of their enterprise.

A video specialist can also advise you on which types of website video will work best for your business.

What Types of Videos Should I Put on My Business Website?

Video content to promote your business can take many forms, and, ideally, you’ll want a variety of video types on your website.

The most commonly used include:

  • Overview videos. 
  • Product/service videos.
  • Explainer videos. 
  • Demonstration videos.
  • Customer testimonial videos.

Overview Videos

Overview videos like a Company Profile or About Us are a quick way to tell your business’s story, explaining who you are and what you do.

These videos usually run for no longer than five minutes and highlight the information that is most useful to your audience while providing a character sketch of your brand.  Generally, the overview videos we produce are 90-120 seconds.  You aren’t trying to tell the audience EVERYTHING about your business, rather it is an introduction to what your company offers and, more importantly, how you offer it.  Giving people a chance to get a sense of your personality lets the viewer ask the question “Do I want to work with/hire that person?”

Overview videos placed prominently on a business website help to:

  • Engage a broader audience.
  • Get a potential customer’s attention and hold it, leading to more conversions.
  • Establish trust and loyalty.

Product/Service Videos

Videos focusing on a specific product or service are particularly beneficial when targeted at potential clients who are already in the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey and need a clear, comprehensive explanation of what you can offer them.

These videos can highlight the features of your products or services and often include examples of benefits to customers. They also provide a useful tool to keep your existing clients up to speed with upgrades to your products/services.

Product and service videos generally run from two to five minutes for the most effective engagement with your audience.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos teach your audience how to solve a problem, typically related to the benefits of the products or services you offer.

For instance, if you run a home remodeling company, you might consider shooting a video entitled “How to Avoid a Renovation Nightmare” for your blog.

These types of videos often can provide value for years to come. Still, they require lots of detail-oriented planning, so you’ll need to put more time and effort into producing them – usually about 20 to 24 hours.

Demonstration Videos

Demonstration videos are similar to explainer and product videos. Still, they come later in the marketing funnel, with a greater emphasis on sales and more detail on specific features and functions of your products or services.

Demo videos provide an affordable means of explaining things in a simple yet entertaining way, helping prospective buyers to justify a decision to purchase.

These videos typically last two to five minutes, but bear in mind the initial few seconds are crucial to capture your audience’s attention.

Testimonial Videos

One section of a business website where videos come into their own is the customer testimonials page, where they can be highly persuasive in attracting new clients.

Watching existing customers describe their great experiences with your business sends out a far more powerful message than just scanning written recommendations.

The best video testimonials are shot by professionals, often in the customer’s location – work or home – and they can take a couple days to put together.

There are a few useful guidelines if you are filming your own testimonial video (with your external microphone!) which we have incorporated into this handy “how to film a testimonial video” infographic.”

Why Website Videos Are So Influential

Business website video content gives you a powerful tool to help you stand out from the online crowd while appealing to consumers. 

Video continues to be one of the most effective elements in digital marketing strategy. Humans are visual creatures by nature and find videos more engaging and memorable than other kinds of content.

According to Forbes business magazine, website video content greatly increases your chance of getting a top listing on Google, and landing pages with video attract up to a staggering 800 percent more conversions.

Other research indicates that people are 85 percent more likely to buy something after watching a product or service video.

A further benefit of quality business website video content is that you can use it across multiple social media platforms and embed it within emails to customers.  Adding the videos your YouTube channel allows you to embed it on your website as well as sharing it on your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.  

Ready For Your Close Up?

Contact us to talk about your goals, timing and budget and we can see what the best video option is for your business.


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